Wolf Kin

Where Performance Art Meets
the Edge of Shamanic Dance.


Wolf Kin Performance Troupe can be booked to perform at your festival, opening concert acts, theatre stages and specialty events such as weddings, sacred ceremonies or wild and wonderful gatherings seeking inspiration and unique one of a kind primal entertainment. Each Wolf Kin performance is custom catered per event based on aerial rigging availability, fire handling requirements and stage space, size and theme of the event. Our performances can include 1-2 performers or the entirety of the troupe of artists offering an experience through original music, percussion, fire dance, circus artistry / belly dance, song and story. Let us know what you would like to co create and we can assist in manifesting the magic of your event. Our performances often include fire staff, fire fan, fire poi, torches and aerial equipment (trapeze, ropes, lyra). Our performers are uniquely costumed and often bring creative props such as singing bowls, sage wands, dancing silks, masks and more.

Inherently Strong in Flesh Blood and Bone.


Are you a lone wolf, seeking your tribe or have a pack you wish to deepen with? The wolf is the authority of the wilderness. Primal essence is a part of our ancestry. The work of Wolf Kin is to support a deeper connection. Where we as kin can breathe + dance, connect and sweat in the flesh, feel support and belonging through truth, emotive release, communication circles, collective healing to empower the root and spark the inner flame. Humbly identify your personal wounds within and dance your wounded space. Clear the path to embrace your power back. Awaken your sensual, primitive power with guided drum, sage, sacred song, fire, prayer braids. Find your inner voice and come back into your body. Let your dancing ground be your battlefield, your oasis, your ecstatic playground, your stage for transformation. You choose. We guide.

Book a private or group Skills Training / Retreat which entails a one – two day retreat to rewild your primal spirit. Learn the power of wild woman / man archetype, embrace fire ritual for healing, creation, performance and inner knowing and resiliency. Wolf Kin cultivates a safe sacred space to expressively dance and to grow.

Heal + Inspire... Ignite Your Inner Fire.  Rewild With Us.


Take away everything and show me something. What lies beneath it all?  What happens when we work from the soil? We all have a primal story.  Let’s dance this. 
This new year of 2020, I wonder how we as humanity are choosing to show up in the world.  We are faced with the inundation of material delirium with natural resources wasting away. If there is no wolf there is no wilderness. Are you willing to embrace the inherent power and strength of your own flesh blood and bone? Wolf Kin sees and recognizes the primal power in you. Lets begin dancing for higher purposes such as environmental healing, human kindness, sensual freedom. Intentions are powerful. From our greatest pain comes our greatest truth. Transformation is upon us…. Rewild with me.  Take your power back. Blessings 2020.
For a trees branches to reach the heights of heaven, its roots need to touch hell.” ~ alchemical dictum. 
Here’s to Sparking the Fires Within…. Jada Fire, Wolf Kin.

“Treat the earth well: it was not given to you by your parents, it was loaned to you by your children. We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors; we borrow it from our Children.” ~

~ Ancient Native American Proverb


Jada Fire, Heal and Inspire… she is an Alpha Wolf + Fire Goddess who seeded the origin of Wolfkin. She is also the co founder of Barefoot Sanctuary, an embodied movement studio in the southern interior forest of BC Canada. 

Strength comes in Tribe.  Jada and other Wolf Kin artistas, dancers and singers have come together to provide performance art for higher purposes. Wolf Kin brings forth primal passion and inspiration to stages both professional and earthly to share in the co-creative and fiery skill sets of the pack.  Wolf Kin dancers bring a new yet ancient expression of dance.  Fire Dance, Dance Medicine, Shamanic in Nature. Performing to their own original music, this troupe seeks to highlight the inherent strength and beauty of flesh, blood and bone. In solitude or in tribe, Wolf Kin provides performance art through dance, fire, aerial play and sacred story. Kin Ship is key to survival. Wolf Kin is Awakening Primal Connection and Rewilding the Art of Dance.


For more information on performances, retreats and booking, please use the online form.

Barefoot Sanctuary is the wolf lair or home place of Wolf Kin Performance Troupe. 


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